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18th April 2022 (6 Topics)

18th April 2022

QUIZ - 18th April 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Q. With changing times and modernisation, the social dynamics in India have undergone a few positive changes. However, certain social issues still await acceptance, a classic example is live-in relationships. Comment (250 words)


  • Introduction- Indian society and marriages
  • Growing trend of live in relationships
  • Impact on women and children
  • Lack of legal provisions (mention Article 21 of the Indian Constitution)
  • SC’s take on the issues (list some important issues)
  • Challenges
  • Required measures
  • Conclude accordingly


Amid a surge in cyberattacks on India’s networks, the Centre is yet to implement the National Cyber Security Strategy which has been in the works since 2020.

Why does India need a cyber security strategy?

  1. Palo Alto Networks’ 2021 report -As per American cyber-security firm Palo Alto Networks’ 2021 report, Maharashtra was the most targeted State in India facing 42% of all ransomware attack.
  2. Higher than the global average- Indian organisations witnessed a 218% increase in ransomware higher than the global average of 21%
  3. Economically profitable regions for hacker -The report stated that India is among the more economically profitable regions for hacker groups and hence these hackers ask Indian firms to pay a ransom, usually using cryptocurrencies, in order to regain access to the data.
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