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28th September 2022 (9 Topics)

28th September 2022

QUIZ - 28th September 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Question: In the coming years, the effect of climate change, along with increasing water needs would lead to a more intense exploitation of groundwater resources, whose sustainability must be carefully evaluated by a detailed interpretation of groundwater level data. Examine (150 words)

Question Mapping

  • Subject: Polity & Governance (GS-II)
    • Sub-topic: Government Policies & Intervention
  • Subject: Environment (GS-III)
    • Sub-topic: Conservation


  • Introduction- brief about depletion of groundwater 
  • Need of data collection
    • depletion of groundwater 
    • increasing population and demand
    • increasing Urbanization
    • Ineffective planning due to lack of data
  • Significance of groundwater data
    • better planning
      • GPDP and for NREGA planning exercises
    • accurate assessment of the problem at hand
    • sustainability
  • List some Government initiative related to water-related data
    • Mention Government’s latest app Jaldoot to capture data on ground water tables
  • Sum up your answer with a way forward



United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the last, most exclusive club in international relations. Reforms of the UNSC need to be negotiated on a written document instead of holding verbal promises.

Superficial Declarations

  • No support from P-5: Although the permanent members do make some noise about supporting a new entrant, the fact is that none of the five permanent (P-5) members wants to see UNSC ranks to be increased. Intrinsically each of them is confident enough that the idea of its enlargement will shoot down by one among the P-5.

Intricacies of membership

  • Unhappiness about the right to veto: P-5 are no saints. The members of the P-5 club have used this privileged right on many occasions in a biased manner. For example, western members use the veto to protect Israel when the Palestinian question was being discussed; Russia, in its incarnations as the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, has cast more vetoes than its western counterparts.
  • Support and Opposition: India, Japan, Brazil, and Germany are the declared candidates for permanent membership, called G-4. Pakistan and China will oppose India; China also doesn’t support Japan; Brazil has regional opponents and claimants; Italy is firmly opposed to Germany’s claim.
  • Amending the charter: Changing the membership of the Council requires amending the Charter. This involves the consent of two-thirds of the total membership of the U N, including the concurring votes of P-5. This means that each of the five has a veto.
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