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2nd December 2022 (7 Topics)

2nd December 2022

QUIZ - 2nd December 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Question: How recently launched e-rupee would bring revolution in the digital monetary sector of the Indian economy? Also explain how it will boost the domestic and international trade of India? (150 words)

Question Mapping

  • Subject: Indian Economy (GS-III)
    • Sub-topic: Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment
  • Introduce with CBDC or e-rupee recently launched by RBI.
  • In short explain the technology platformon which it is based and enumerate some of its benefits.
  • Also explain the importance of CBDCin domestic and international trade for India
  • Conclude with e-rupee a revolutionary step by GOIand India approaching towards SDG12



  • Being aware of road safety while working on environmental sustainability is the need of the hour.

Road safety and Environment:

  • Environmental Impact of vehicles: Vehicles contain toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, or hexavalent chromium, which are detrimental to the environment.
  • Policy regarding end-of-life vehicles: Although National Automobile Scrappage Policy, 2021 is in place but it is still in a nascent stage.

Speeding limits

  • Road safety: In 2020 alone, speeding was responsible for 91,239 road crash fatalities, comprising 69.3% of all road crash deaths registered.
  • Limiting Emissions: Simulation (Europe) has demonstrated that reducing speed limits even by 10 km/h can deliver 12% to 18% fuel savings and can reduce pollutant emissions.
  • Government Reducing Speed Limits: Wales government has brought in 80 km/h speed limits at five locations across Wales to reduce outdoor pollution, resulting in PM reduction by up to 15%.
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