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6th April 2022 (7 Topics)

6th April 2022

QUIZ - 6th April 2022

5 Questions

5 Minutes

Mains Question:

Q1. In recent times, regulations by international organisations relating to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery system have expanded. Analyse (150 words)


  • Introduction- briefly define weapons of mass destruction
  • International regulation related to WMD
  • Related act in India (weapons of mass and their delivery system (prohibition of unlawful activities) Act, 2005
  • Recent development in India (the recent bill)
  • Sum up briefly

Q2. Discuss the role of the government in the development of de-notified tribes, which have a history of persecution by the criminal justice system. (250 words)


  • Introduction- define de-notified tribes
  • Current status in India
  • Historical legislation against them (by Britishers)
  • Important government schemes
  • Constitutional safeguards
  • Challenges
  • Required measures
  • Conclusion


The Union government introduced the Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022, that aims to lay down a set of rules to regulate a range of activities on territories in Antarctica where India has set up research stations. Following its first expedition to Antarctica in 1982, India has now established two standing research stations, Bharati and Maitri, at Antarctica

What does the Antarctic Bill envisage?

  • Regular Visits-The Bill envisages regulating visits and activities to Antarctica as well as potential disputes that may arise among those present on the continent.
  • Prohibition without a permit- If the Bill were to become law, private tours and expeditions to Antarctica would be prohibited without a permit or the written authorisation by a member country. A member country is one of the 54 signatories of the Antarctic Treaty signed in 1959 — India joined the Treaty System in 1983.
  • Antarctic fund -The draft also directs the creation of a fund called the Antarctic fund that will be used for protecting the Antarctic environment. 
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