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Draft on suicide prevention strategy

  • Published
    12th Sep, 2022

Madhya Pradesh is going to be the first State in the country to draft a suicide prevention strategy and the government has formed a task force it.

  • The task force comprises of a range subject experts such as psychiatrists, legal experts, researchers, academics and social workers.
  • Six sub-committees have been formed to analyse the causative and preventive strategies and the task force has been mandated to submit a report in two months.
  • Each sub-committee has been given a specific mandate – such as understanding the sociological factors, suggesting preventive methods, devising ways to raise mass awareness and suggesting newer methods for the training of professionals and individuals.
  • They will also look at how the laws can be strengthened or diluted to improve the situation and understand the inter-sectoral linkages in suicide prevention.


  • Suicide is the practise of taking one's own life or deliberate termination of one's own physical existence.
  • Reasons Behind Suicide: There can be many reasons for an individual taking his own life.
  • Stress because of competition and academic failures as was seen in Kota, relationship failure, work pressure and economic reasons. These are among the main reasons in the 14-30 year age group.
  • Religious practices like 'sallekhana' or 'santhra' in Jain religion in which Jain ascetics observe starvation to death.
  • Political reasons like self-immolation in case of agitation and some individuals laying down their lives for the freedom of their country to set an example for others.
  • Poverty, debt and resulting shame lead many towards the path of suicide.
  • In present times stress resulting from economic, social and peer pressure is considered to be the leading cause.

Suicide in India:

  • According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India 2020, a total of 1,53,052 suicides were reported in the country
  • Madhya Pradesh has third highest reported suicide cases (14,578) in the country.
  • At 9.5%, Madhya Pradesh was the third among the States with the highest percentage of suicides in the country, up from the third place it held in 2018 (8.8%) and 2019 (9.0%).
  • At 17.4%, the suicide rate (instances per one lakh population) was above the national average of 11.3.
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