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Generic drugs to treat four rare diseases launched

  • Published
    25th Nov, 2023

These indigenous products will lead to drug prices being slashed up to 100 times of their current market value.

Four Rare Diseases:

  • The Union Health Ministry has made available generic drugs to support the care and treatment of four ailments:
    • Tyrosinemia-Type 1
    • Gauchers Disease
    • Wilson’s Disease
    • The Dravet-Lennox Gastaut Syndrome

The cost of these drugs will be slashed by anywhere between 60 and 100 times of their current market value.

Other Rare Diseases:

  • The Ministry is also in the process of making available drugs for more rare diseases, including Phenylketonuria and Hyperammonemia.

Rare Disease:

  • A rare disease is a health condition of particularly low prevalence that affects a small number of people.
  • It collectively afflicts 6-8% of the population in any country at any given time, so India could have 8.4 crore to 10 crore such cases, according to the Ministry.
  • Nearly 80% percent of these diseases are genetic in nature.

Priority diseases:

  • Thirteen rare diseases were prioritized like sickle cell anemia for children.
  • This venture is purely a non-commercial venture guided only with the motive to serve those in acute need.
  • For years, the Health Ministry through various schemes has been trying to financially help as many patients as possible but this is a more sustainable measure for not just patients in India but also worldwide.
  • Several companies -- including Biophore India, Laurus Labs, Azico Biophore, MSN Pharmaceuticals, Akums Drugs and Pharmaceutical – have come forward to take part in the venture.
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