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Need for climate-smart agriculture in India

  • Published
    25th Nov, 2023


Climate Smart Agriculture is the answer to the two most important issues faced by humanity in the 21st century (climate change and food insecurity.)

Climate Change Challenges and Farming Practices

  • Food Demand and Climate Impact: Meeting the rising food demand amid climate change poses dual challenges, requiring adaptation measures as traditional farming methods become less productive.
  • Productivity Imperative: The imperative to enhance agricultural production by 60% before 2050 necessitates a comprehensive strategy to address the growing demand for food.
  • Farmers' Response: Faced with reduced productivity, farmers respond by adopting adaptation measures, highlighting the urgency of innovative and sustainable farming practices.

The Role of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA)

  • Holistic Approach: Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) offers a holistic framework with three objectives: sustainable productivity increase, climate change adaptation, and greenhouse gas emission reduction.
  • Diverse Practices: CSA incorporates diverse practices, from water-smart to carbon-smart, effectively addressing productivity concerns, land degradation, and soil health in the face of climate challenges.
  • Innovative Solutions: Implementing innovative practices, CSA serves as a proactive response to climate challenges, ensuring sustainable agriculture by mitigating risks and promoting ecological stability.

Advantages of CSA and Its Role in Climate Action

  • Diverse Benefits of CSA: CSA delivers varied advantages, fostering crop diversification, improving water efficiency, and enhancing resilience to climate disruptions for sustainable agriculture.
  • Global Climate Alignment: Beyond economic gains, CSA contributes to global climate goals, aiding carbon storage, and aligning with international commitments, showcasing its environmental significance.
  • Empowering Small Farmers: CSA, supported by government initiatives and collaborations, stands as a unique opportunity to empower small farmers, ensure food security, and promote sustainability in agriculture.
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