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30th October 2023 (12 Topics)

Give up impropriety, demonstrate impartiality


The Speakers of the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies must carry out their functions in consonance with sound democratic practices.

Speaker's Conduct and Responsibilities

  • Maharashtra’s Speaker action: The Chief Justice expresses concern over Maharashtra Speaker's inaction on disqualification petitions.
  • Responsibility of the Office: Emphasis on Speaker's impartiality crucial for maintaining the dignity of the court.
  • Historical significance of the post: Historical context of Speaker's role highlights its evolution from agent of the Crown to impartial House Chairman.

Controversial Speaker Actions

  • Biased decision making: Instances of swift suspension against Opposition members contrasted with delays in similar action against ruling party members.
  • Shortcomings in referring significant Bills to Parliamentary Committees observed; impact on robust parliamentary functioning.
  • Irresponsible notices: Disqualification petitions and their handling by Speakers pose potential threats to government stability.

Reforms in Speaker's Role

  • Need for an independent tribunal: Debate on Speaker's authority to decide on defections arises call for an independent tribunal.
  • Reminding Indian needs: Contrast between British and Indian Speaker practices, with British Speakers resigning from political parties for impartiality.
  • Recognizing democratic practices: Urgent need for Speakers to prioritize impartiality and democratic practices for public trust.
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