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Time and change

  • Published
    30th Oct, 2023


The concerns over rushed scrutiny of Bills replacing criminal laws has emphasized the need for thorough examination.

Parliamentary Committee's Report

Rushed Scrutiny Raises Concerns

  • Advancement of New Criminal Laws: Committee nears final report on Bills replacing existing criminal laws.
  • Call for Extended Review: Opposition members seek more time to review draft report, delaying adoption.
  • Disagreements on Key Legal Revisions: Dissent on Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita and Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita

Adequacy of Scrutiny Questioned

  • Limited Deliberation Period: Committee starts deliberations on August 24, holds only 12 sessions.
  • Concerns over Scrutiny Adequacy: Inadequate scrutiny raises doubts about the overhaul's effectiveness.
  • Advocating Inclusive Consultations: Broad consultations and nationwide hearings with stakeholders suggested for comprehensive study.

Language Barrier and Government's Haste

  • Language Barrier in Report Circulation: Draft report circulated in English, Hindi version given last minute.
  • Advocating an Extended Committee Timeline: Suggests need for extended committee timeline, not just a brief delay.
  • Caution against Hasty Bill Implementation: Caution urged against hasty introduction and passage of Bills; deeper scrutiny advised for certain provisions.
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