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Green Technology

  • Published
    18th Jul, 2022


A new study has flagged emerging green technologies could have a major impact on marine biodiversity over the next 5-10 years.

What is Green Technology?

  • Green tech–or green technology–is an umbrella term that describes the use of technology and science to reduce human impacts on the natural environment. 
  • Green technology encompasses a wide area of scientific research, including energy, atmospheric science, agriculture, material science, and hydrology.
  • Membrane filtration, microbial fuel cells, nanotechnology, the creation of biological treatments, and natural treatment systems like wetlands are a few significant advancements.

How is this technology beneficial?

  • Purification of natural resources: Carbon emission and availability of clean drinking water are some examples of major global concerns. Green technology has the potential to purify water and air, paving a new way of solution to the global concerns.
  • Waste management and Rejuvenation of environment: Green technology can be used for management and recycling of waste material, allowing it to be used for beneficial purposes. Through the use of this technology tress are replanted, waste is managed and recycled. This ensures that the affected ecosystem is able to start again, and this time remains conserved. This helps to ensure that a lot of plant and animal species don’t go extinct.
  • Energy conservation: Energy is being conserved through the use of such technology.
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