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5th September 2023 (10 Topics)

Living in the age of moral dystopia


The current era is marked by moral decay, where leaders fail to uphold their pledges, majoritarianism thrives, and communal harmony is overshadowed by political divisions. A sense of justice, freedom, and humanism seems distant as societal values shift.

Erosion of Moral Values

  • Leaders' Pledge Failures: Moral values have eroded, and political leaders are not held accountable for their unfulfilled promises.
  • Dominance of Majoritarianism: Majoritarianism is prevalent in government actions, leading to divisions in society.
  • Shift from Communal Harmony to Individualism: The shared living ideal of communal harmony has given way to a more individualistic mindset, diminishing acts of communal goodwill.

Decline in Compassion and Justice

  • Criticism of Acts of Compassion: Acts of compassion like Yogita Bhayana helping a Muslim man face criticism in a polarized society.
  • Diminished Communal Harmony: Acts of communal goodwill are increasingly met with sarcasm and indifference.
  • Changing Value System: The value system has shifted, making communal harmony less cherished.

Normalization of Injustice

  • Public Humiliation of Women: Instances of public humiliation of women in Manipur and inaction regarding it.
  • Historical Injustices vs. Present-Day Issues: Historical injustices are more vehemently addressed than present-day issues.
  • Society's Propensity to Forget: Society tends to forget and move on, emboldening intolerant non-state actors to perpetrate violence.
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