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Mahalaya 2021

  • Published
    9th Oct, 2021

GS-I: Art & Culture

  •  Indian Culture

Mahalaya celebrations recently began in some parts of India.

Prelims question:

Consider the following statements regarding Mahalaya festival:

  1. It is associated with the worship of Goddess Durga.
  2. It is observed in the state of West Bengal only.

Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Mains Question:

Culture and traditions of India have evolved through ages and will further evolve as per need of time. Illustrate. (150 words)


  • Introduce by giving a definition of Culture
  • Enumerate the cultural practices India has carried on from the past with examples
  • Enumerate the changes occurring in Indian culture at present.
  • Conclusion

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