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GS Mains Classes 2023, Batch Starts: 30th June

Mains Current Affairs (Science & Technology)


  • About the Trial
  • Key terms related to the Trials
  • Cancer and its cure
  • Significance for India


  • About the Telescope
  • Significance and applications
  • India’s technological advancements
  • Some future goals to be achieved by India


  • What are Ceramics?
  • How they are used for bone transplant?
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • Who will be responsible for its regulations
  • Future prospects


  • About missile technology
  • Different types of missiles
  • Their classification and uses
  • Scope and future advancements
Human Cell Atlas

23rd May, 2022


  • What is a human cell atlas and its features
  • Techniques used for mapping the atlas
  • Procedure to collect data of human cells
  • Importance and benefits
  • Concerns associated
  • Global initiatives
Open source technology

17th May, 2022


  • Openness of Technology
  • Digital public goods
  • Digital public Infrastructures
  • Significance for India
  • Way forward

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