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21st August 2023 (9 Topics)

Narco epidemic among students may mar India story, nation needs war on drugs


The Prime Minister has often mentioned that one of the biggest secrets behind India’s spectacular and widely acknowledged rise is the nation’s young demography. But there is a silent predator which could sink the India’s story i.e. the growing drug culture.

The drug menace amongst Youth

  • Readily available drugs: The increasing drug threat among youth is characterized by the widespread availability of substances ranging from marijuana to potent opioids.
  • Seen amongst youngsters and teenagers: The menace is particularly alarming as it targets children as young as 14, with dealers operating around schools and colleges, ensuring easy access.
  • Lack of scrutiny: Dangerous party drugs like methamphetamine and are readily accessible, even though recent seizures suggest a grim scenario of manufacturing and distribution, endangering the youth across the nation.

Forms of addictives consumed

  • Methamphetamine-one of major drug consumed: The escalating drug menace, particularly methamphetamine, poses severe risks to Indian society, with widespread availability and ease of access.
  • Alarming cities: Major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi-NCR face alarming drug proliferation, targeting youth through schools, nightlife, and paan shops.
  • Increasing addiction cases: The crisis extends to Kashmir, indicating a challenge greater than militancy, with a surge in addiction cases. Urgent, coordinated action is essential for prevention.

Steps can be taken

  • Strengthen drug laws: Like Singapore, India should also make strict laws with stringent penalties, including exemplary punishment, as proposed under the new Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita.
  • Special Bodies made: Establish joint task forces of Narcotics Control Bureau and local police to dismantle drug cartels, targeting all levels of operation.
  • Conducting Campaigns and awareness: Launch awareness campaigns with celebrity involvement, backed by a helpline for anonymous reporting, to curb drug proliferation.
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