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P20: A parliamentary dimension to global governance

  • Published
    14th Oct, 2023


India's 74th Republic Day celebrates constitutional adoption in 1950. G20 Presidency highlights global influence.

Significance of India's Republic Day and G20 Presidency

  • Republic Day Commemoration: India marked its 74th Republic Day, celebrating its sovereign status since adopting the Constitution on January 26, 1950.
  • Global Political Influence: India's leadership in the G20, a forum of major global economies, reflects its rising significance in world politics.
  • India's Inclusive Democracy: India's success story lies in navigating diverse social, cultural, economic, and regional complexities in nation-building.

Evolution of India's Democracy

  • Early Democratic Foundations: Visionary Constitution makers established multi-party democratic system post-Independence, overcoming challenges like illiteracy and poverty.
  • Electoral Democracy Triumph: Despite hurdles, India consistently conducts free and fair elections, showcasing democratic strength in the developing world.
  • Growing Political Engagement: Increased socio-economic development, higher voter turnout, and rising participation of youth and women indicate a vibrant democracy.

India's G20 Presidency and Global Impact

  • Showcasing Indian Model: India's G20 Presidency allows for presenting its diverse narrative to the global community, viewed as a positive model.
  • Achievements of G20 Summit: Notable outcomes include technological advancements, economic agreements, and commitments to sustainability and biofuels.
  • P20 Summit's Role: Parliament's representation in global governance through P20 Summit emphasizes social acceptance and legal validity in democracies
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