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A Rare Dragonfly spotted in Kerala

Published: 2nd Jul, 2022


A species of Spiny Horntail- Dragonfly is seen in Kottiyoor forests of Kannur district of Kerala.


  • This species is endemic to Western Ghats, earlier found in Maharashtra this year.
  • In India, they are found in three types of species in genes Burmagomphus.
    • cauvericus – restricted to certain areas of Western Ghats
    • pyramidalis- Western Ghats as well as in Peninsular India.
    • laidlawi- Found in whole of Western Ghats
  • Other than these species all species of the genus are found in the Western and Eastern Himalayas.
  • The new species is separated from its congeners by the markings on the lateral thorax and peculiar shape of anal appendages.


  • Dragonflies are predatory insects from the order Odonata (an order of flying insects that includes the dragonflies and damselflies) and characterized by;
    • large eyes
    • transparent wings
    • Most colourful patches in body
  • Dragonflies are day flying species and have some common features like butterflies.

Other major species in India

  • Ditch jewel dragonfly
  • Diplacodes trivialis (ground skimmer): Most abundant species.
  • Red Groundling
  • Potamarcha congener- Common chaser

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