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Birth anniversary of tribal leader Tilka Manjhi

Published: 15th Feb, 2022


The Nation is remembering revolutionary freedom fighter and tribal leader Tilka Manjhi on his 272nd birth anniversary.


About Tilka Manjhi:

  • The first Tribal revolt in India was led by Baba Tilka Majhi in 1784. 
  • It was the result of a great famine in 1770 and the court of director’s orders.
  • In January 1784, Tilka attacked 29 year old Cleveland with bows and arrows in which Cleveland died.
  • Tilka Manjhi disappeared in the Tilapore forest and started guerilla war against British. 
  • The British army surrounded the forest, but he and his men held the enemy at bay for several weeks before he was caught in 1785.
  • Tilka Manjhi’s fight against the British colonial power was the first in a long series of Tribal resistance in this region.
  • It was followed by
    • Bhumij Revolt in Manbhum in 1798
    • Chero Uprising in Palamau (1810)
    • Munda uprising in Tamar (1819-1820)
    • Kol rebellion (1833)
    • Second Bhumij Revolt (1834)
    • Santhal Hool (1855)

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