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Border Area Development Programme (BADP)

Published: 12th Nov, 2018

Centre has recently released over 113 crore to six border districts as a part of Border Area Development Programme.


  • Centre has recently released over 113 crore to six border districts as a part of Border Area Development Programme.
  • Central government has increased its fund outlay for the better border village management by including various new elements to Border Area Development Programme.


  • The funds were released to the border states of Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

Border Area Development Programme (BADP)

  • BADP was initiated in the border areas of the western region during that Seventh Five Year Plan (1985-90).
  • It was undertaken to ensure balanced development of border areas through development of infrastructure and promotion of a sense of security among the border population.
  • During the eighth five year plan, the coverage was extended to include the Eastern States sharing a border with Bangladesh.
  • The programme now covers 394 border blocks of 111 border districts in 17 States, which includes 167 border blocks in 55 districts of 8 North East, States (including Sikkim), located along the international land border.
  • Under this programme priority is given to the areas closer to the border in these 17 states.

Domain of work under BADP

  • The BADP schemes include construction of primary health centres, schools, supply of drinking water, community centres, connectivity, and drainage to enable sustainable living in border areas.
  • It now covers schemes or activities relating to Swachhta Abhiyan, skill development programmes, promotion of sports activities in border areas, promotion of rural tourism, border tourism, protection of heritage sites, and construction of helipads in remote and inaccessible hilly areas, which do not have road connectivity.
  • Skill development training to farmers for the use of modern and scientific techniques in agriculture, organic farming is also part of the BADP.

Fund allocation and Implementation

  • BADP is a Core Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS). The funding of BADP is Centre 90%, State 10% for 8 North Eastern States and 3 Himalayan states, viz Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand. For other 6 states, 60% is bore by the Centre while 40 % bore by the states.
  • BADP funds shall ordinarily be used for meeting the critical gaps and immediate needs of the border population.
  • Funds are allocated to the States on the basis of three following parameters bearing equal weightage under BADP:
    • Length of International Border,
    • Population of border block, and
    • Areas of border blocks.
  • Further, budgetary allocation from the Centre is divided into two components:
    • 40% of total allocation for eight North-eastern states including Sikkim.
    • 60% allocation for the states other than North-eastern states.
    • Planning and implementation of BADP schemes are done on participatory and decentralized basis involving the Panchayati Raj Institutions/ Autonomous Councils/ Other Local Bodies/ Councils.
    • District Level Committee headed by the District Magistrate is responsible for monitoring of implementation of works under BADP.
    • At central level, the disbursement of funds and over all monitoring is looked after by Department of Border Area Management, Ministry of Home Affairs.


    • BADP has contributed towards creating conducive environment for undertaking normal economic activities in border areas and has the potential for bringing about an improvement in the quality of life of the people in border areas.
    • It has brought socio-economic development in the border areas and has brought confidence and belongingness among the border population.
    • The programme played a crucial in areas with cross-border infiltration and insurgency threats such as in Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern Regions.

      India’s land bordering states

      India shares border with Bangladesh (4,096 km), China (3,488 km),  Pakistan (3,323 km), Nepal (1,751 km), Myanmar (1,643 km) and  Bhutan (699 km).


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