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    27th Aug, 2019

The government had appointed outgoing Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba as Cabinet Secretary for tenure of two years.


The government had appointed outgoing Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba as Cabinet Secretary for tenure of two years.


Cabinet Secretariat

  • Article 352 defines the term “cabinet” as the Council consisting of the Prime Minister and other Ministers of Cabinet rank under Article 75.
  • Cabinet Secretariat is the office which provides secretarial assistance to the Cabinet.
  • It functions directly under the Prime Minister.
  • The administrative head of the Secretariat is the Cabinet Secretary who is also the ex-officio Chairman of the Civil Services Board.
  • The Cabinet Secretariat is responsible for the administration of:
    • The Government of India (Transaction of Business) Rules, 1961
    • Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961
  • The Secretariat assists in decision-making in Government by ensuring Inter-Ministerial coordination, ironing out differences amongst Ministries/Departments and evolving consensus through the instrumentality of the standing/adhoc Committees of Secretaries.
  • The secretarial assistance, provided by Cabinet Secretariat to the Cabinet and Cabinet committees, includes:
    • Convening of the meetings of the Cabinet & its Committees on the orders of the Prime Minister.
    • Preparation and circulation of the agenda.
    • Circulation of papers related to the cases on the agenda.
    • Preparation of record of discussions.
    • Circulation of the record of discussions after obtaining the approval of the Prime Minister.
    • Monitoring implementation of decisions taken by the Cabinet and its Committees.
  • Office of Principal Scientific Adviser has been placed administratively under the Cabinet Secretariat in August, 2018.
  • Appointment – All senior level appointments (including Cabinet Secretary) are done with the approval of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.
  • Tenure - While the position is for two years, under the present rules of service, there is an enabling provision of an extension, granting four years of tenure.



  • e-SamikSha is a new digital monitor for bureaucracy to rein in slackers.
  • Developed by the cabinet secretariat with technical support from the National Informatics Centre (NIC), e-SamikSha - the second 'S' in uppercase is how it's officially written - has been operational for just over a month and has changed babus' working style.
  • This system will allow the prime minister to intervene digitally and ask the officer concerned to explain the delay or expedite decision-makingprojects and action points are already being digitally monitored through e-SamikSha.
  • Every task is assigned four status descriptors - Not Started, Under Implementation, Implemented and No Further Action Required.
  • The PM navigates through e-SamikSha via a digital dashboard that has customised drop-down windows.

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