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Deep Ocean Mission

Published: 18th May, 2023


India has identified 11 potential sites for exploration of hydrogen sulfide and a dedicated multi-purpose vessel was being acquired to carry out detailed surveys as part of the Deep Ocean Mission

What is Deep Ocean Mission?

  • Launched in: June 2021
  • The Deep Ocean Mission is a high-level multi-ministerial, multi-disciplinary programme for better understanding of the deep sea living and non-living resources of the Indian Ocean.
  • It aims to aid in India's efforts to attain the Blue Economy status.
  • Nodal ministry: Ministry of Earth Science 
  • The Mission Steering Committee (MSC) is the highest Policy making body constituted under the Deep Ocean Mission (DOM).
  • Themes: The Deep Ocean Mission consists of 6 themes:
    • Development of Technology for deep sea mining, manned submersible and underwater robotics
    • Development of Ocean and climate change Advisory services
    • Technology innovations for exploration and conservation of deep sea biodiversity
    • Deep Ocean survey and exploration
    • Energy and Freshwater from the Ocean
    • Advanced marine station for Ocean Biology

Government initiatives to maintain Blue Economy Status

The Indian government has been taking several steps to maintain its Blue Economy status, including:

  • National Maritime Development Programme: The programme aims to promote sustainable development of India's maritime sector. The programme aims to enhance port infrastructure, modernize the shipping sector, and promote coastal shipping and inland water transport.
  • Sagarmala Programme: It aims to promote port-led development in the country. The programme aims to develop new ports and modernize existing ones, improve connectivity between ports and the hinterland, and promote coastal shipping.
  • Blue Economy Vision Document: In November 2021, the government released the Blue Economy Vision Document, which outlines a roadmap for sustainable development of India's Blue Economy.

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