DRDO’s disinfection system ‘Ultra Swachh

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    9th Jun, 2020
  • India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has come up with a disinfection system called 'Ultra Swachh'.

About Ultra Swachh

  • This unit will disinfect a wide range of materials, including  Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), electronics items, fabrics, etc.
  • Ultra Swachh uses an advanced oxidative process by using Ozonated Space Technology for the disinfection process. 
  • The product was developed by Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (a Delhi-based DRDO laboratory), along with Gel Craft Healthcare Private Ltd which is based in Ghaziabad. 
  • The system consists of double-layered Ozone sealant technology that will trap the ozone particles as a prerequisite for the disinfection process. The unit is eco-friendly as it consists of a catalytic converter. 
  • The system complies with International Standards of industrial, occupational, personal, and environmental safety.
  • Varients: There are two variants of Ultra Swachh:
    • Ozonated Space
    • Trinetra Technology
      • Trinetra technology is a combination of Ozonated space and radical dispenser. Treatment is optimised with automation for a quick disinfection cycle. 
  • It operates on 15 Ampere, 220 Volts, 50-hertz power supply. 
  • The dimensions of an Industrial Cabinet to disinfect large quantities at a time are 7’x4’x3.25’. Different sizes will be available soon. 

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