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Green Bonds

Published: 19th Apr, 2024


Government of India is likely to issue 20000 cr- 25000 cr of green bonds for which it has allowed Foreign institutional Investors (FIIs) to invest in it.


  • Green bonds are a type of fixed-income investment used to fund projects with a positive environmental impact.
  • Like traditional bonds, green bonds offer investors a stated return and a promise to use the proceeds to finance or refinance sustainable projects, either in part or whole.
  • They follow the Green Bond Principles stated by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).
  • Issues: Transparency and reporting, some bonds may have lower liquidity than traditional ones, greenwashing.

Blue Bonds

  • Blue bonds are sustainability bonds used to finance projects that protect the ocean and related ecosystems.
  • They might support sustainable fisheries, protection of coral reefs and other fragile ecosystems, or reducing pollution and acidification.
  • All blue bonds are green bonds, but not all green bonds are blue bonds.

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