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Himachal Pradesh gets 1st Biodiversity Park at Mandi

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    2nd Mar, 2022


Recently, Himachal Pradesh got the first biodiversity park to make its contribution towards the conservation of endangered Himalayan herbs. 


  • This park is set to come up at Mandi’s Bhulah valley.
  • The biodiversity park is set up under the National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) by HP’s forest department.
  • The aim of the park is to link tourism activities along with extending new opportunities for researchers to conduct in-depth exploration of various medicinal herbs found in the Himalayas that are on the verge of extinction.
  • A herbal nursery to conserve herbs that are about to be extinct in the mountains has also been set up in the park, which has Trillidium Govanianum (Nagchhatri), Dhoop, Picrorhiza kurroa (Kadu), Sarpagandha, Swerlia Chiryita (Chirayita), Barbari, Angelica glauca (Chaura), Coleus gromalicus (Pathanbel), Pathar chata, Selinum vaginatum (Bhutkesi), Nyar, Valeriana Wallichi (Mushkwala), Thymus Linearis (Van Ajwain), Kuth, Acorus Calamus (Barre), Asparagus (Sansarpali), Potentilla Nepalensis (Dori Ghass), Ratan Jot, Aconitum heterophyllum (Atish Patish), Padophyllumhexandrum (Van Kakdi), Dioscorea delloidea (Shingli Mingli), Jangli Lahsun, Adiantum lunulatum (Dungtuli) and many similar herbs and shrubs on display.
  • Two log huts, a water harvesting structure, an internal tank, a 5KW power generation project, bird nests, and a sales center have also been set up at the park.
  • In this herbal nursery, about 1,200 plants of different species are available.
  • Amphitheatres have been built in the park for the convenience of researchers and tourists.

What are Biodiversity parks?

  • Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat.
  • Biodiversity is measured by two major components: species richness, and species evenness.
  • Biological diversity is a precious resource intended for the continued existence of mankind, and hence, conserving biodiversity is concerned with restoring the equilibrium between humans & the atmosphere.
  • Important role of Biodiversity Parks include-
    • A nature reserve for the conservation of the natural heritage of the city.
    • Enhancing the quality of the urban environment.
    • Serving as a hub for education, cultural and conservation activities.
    • Connecting biodiversity to the city and people.
    • Promoting  eco-tourism.
    • Creating livelihood for local communities.
    • Preserving the rare endemic and threatened plant and animal species of the area.

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