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Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification

Published: 22nd Nov, 2018

Ministry of Tourism has rolled out online certification programme for Tourist Facilitators, named as Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification (IITFC).


  • Ministry of Tourism has rolled out online certification programme for Tourist Facilitators, named as Incredible India Tourist Facilitator Certification (IITFC).
  • It will be available for those interested seeking tourist guide as profession.
  • It has been developed by M/s Wipro Limited and the content is supported by the Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management.


Aim of IITFC

  • IITFC will enable Indian citizens to develop and enhance the skills associated with tourism, and where one can incorporate knowledge about facilitating tourists across the country.
  • The IITFC program aspires to reach out to a far-flung audience encompassing a diversity of candidates ranging from an enthusiastic student who has recently qualified for higher secondary to an ambitious homemaker willing to grasp tourist facilitation skills from the comfort of their home.
  • It will act as an enabler for transforming a local citizen with no specified skills having proficiency in a regional language into a potential bread earner for their households.
  • This initiative will ensure an enriching experience for the tourists, as this initiative will address the issue of shortage of tourist guides as well as it will provide a lot of competition which will further ensure in providing best tourist facilitators.

IITFC Programme

  • The certification program comprises of basic and advanced self-paced courses designed in a manner that the users can learn at their own time, space, path and pace.
  • The basic course comprising of 7 modules aimed at training the facilitators for knowledge, skills and attitude domains at a nominal charge of INR 2000.
  • Successful completion of this program would enable the learner to become a certified Tourist Facilitator of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

A refresher course is also proposed for launch in due time for those already in the field seeking at an advanced level course to enhance their skill set.

Indian tourism sector

  • India is a large market for travel and tourism. It offers a diverse portfolio of niche tourism products - cruises, adventure, medical, wellness, sports, MICE, eco-tourism, film, rural and religious tourism. India has been recognized as a destination for spiritual tourism for domestic and international tourists
  • As per Indian tourism report, 2018-
    • India was ranked 7th among 184 countries in terms of travel & tourism’s total contribution to GDP in 2017.
    • India’s rank in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) in 2017 jumped 25 places ahead of 2013.
    • Travel and tourism is the third largest foreign exchange earner for India.
    • The travel & tourism sector in India accounted for 8 per cent of the total employment opportunities generated in the country in 2017, providing employment to around 41.6 million people during the same year.
    • The GOI is working to achieve 1 per cent share in world's international tourist arrivals by 2020 and 2 per cent share by 2025.
    • Under Budget 2018-19, Rs 1,250 crore are allotted for integrated development of tourist circuits under Swadesh Darshan and PRASAD.

Important Government initiatives for promoting tourism

  • E-VISA FACILITY for 164 countries.
  • E-TICKETING introduced for 116 monuments and 32 museums (under Protection of ASI)
    • Launched in 2017 to promote tourism in India
    • Niche tourism products: Heritage Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Cruise Tourism, Rural Tourism, Wellness & Medical Tourism, MICE, etc. being promoted through the Incredible India 2.0 Campaign
    • 100 ASI monuments are named as Aadarsh Smaarak for upgradation of existing facilities/amenities to promote tourism.
    • Launched in January 2015 for development of tourism infrastructure in the country.
  • PRASHAD (National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive)
    • Launched in January 2015 to beautify, develop and improve amenities of important pilgrimage and heritage destinations of the country.
    • 23 projects pilgrimage sites have been sanctioned so far. 11 projects/major components thereof under the scheme would be completed during the FY 2018-19.
    • Aims to preserve and revitalize India’s heritage cities by encouraging an aesthetically appealing, informative & secure environment.
    • Being implemented in 12 cities- Ajmer, Amaravati, Amritsar, Badami, Dwarka, Gaya, Kanchipuram, Mathura, Puri, Varanasi, Velankanni, and Warangal.


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