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India Innovation Centre for Graphene (IICG) to be set up in Kerala

Published: 31st Jan, 2022


A first-of-its-kind centre for studying graphene and developing its newer applications as suitable for industries has recently been approved by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).


About the centre

  • India's first innovation centre for graphene will be set up in Kerala by the Digital University Kerala (DUK), along with the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) in Thrissur, for Rs 86.41 crore. 
    • The state government run Digital University Kerala and the Centre for Materials for Electronics will join hands along with the state and central governments in implementing the project.
  • This will be the first graphene Research and Development (R&D) incubation centre in the country. 
  • Tata Steel Limited is set to be the industrial partner of the centre.

About Graphene

  • Graphene is the strongest material in the world. Also, it is the thinnest material. 
    • As well as being transparent and lightweight, graphene has good chemical stability, high electrical conductivity and a large surface area.
  • Graphene is known for its exceptional electrical and electronic properties, and according to the latest research, it can replace indium and thus reduce the cost of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens in smartphones.
  • Graphene has the ability to replace indium. It brings down the cost of Organic Light Emitting Diode. Graphene is an isotope of carbon. It has a two – dimensional honeycomb nanostructure.
  • Graphene is addressed as “Wonder material” for its electronic and electrical properties.
  • Graphene is a zero gap semiconductor. This means the conduction band and the valence band are at the same energy level. For an element to conduct electricity, it should have free electrons in the conduction band.

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