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Indian Railways ties up with ISRO for real-time train tracking

Published: 9th Mar, 2023


The Indian Railways is utilising data analytics for seamless transit. Under the Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) project, it has started a project that will now allow real-time tracking of train movements with the help of satellite photography.


  • Railways have integrated their systems with NavIC and Bhuvan while using bandwidth provided by ISRO. 

Bhuvan portal: It is a particular kind of web portal, developed by ISRO, used to locate and gain access to geographical information (geospatial information) and related geographic services (display, modification, analysis, etc.) online.

  • Every locomotive is equipped with a gadget and a SIM card that broadcasts the train's precise location to a satellite and allows for feedback. A three-second update is made to the movement.
  • When it's necessary to determine a train's precise location to provide assistance in the event of an accident, flood, or landslide, real-time rail tracking can be helpful.

About Navigation with Indian Constellation (NavIC):

  • ISRO has established a regional navigation satellite system to meet the positioning, navigation and timing requirements of the nation
  • ISRO has established the constellation of 7 satellites operating 24*7. 
  •  Three satellites of the constellation are placed in geostationary orbit, and four satellites are placed in inclined geosynchronous orbit with equatorial crossing.
  • NavIC offers two services: Standard Position Service (SPS) for civilian users and Restricted Service (RS) for strategic users.
  •  NavIC coverage area includes India and a region up to 1500 km beyond Indian boundary. 
  • NavIC signals are designed to provide user position accuracy better than 20m and timing accuracy better than 50ns.
  •  NavIC SPS signals are interoperable with the other global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signalsnamely GPS,Glonass,Galileo, and BeiDou

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