India's Red Corridor

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    26th Sep, 2019


  • The Red Corridor is the region in the eastern, central and the southern parts of India that experience considerable Naxalite–Maoist insurgency.
  • LWE has emerged as a politico-socio-economic challenge, making it a complex phenomenon that cannot be effectively tackled only through the use of kinetic methods. In other words, it’s not a mere law and order problem.

     The Naxalite movement prominently focused on major issues like

    • Reallocation of land resources;
    • Ensuring minimum wages for the labour working in the farms;
    • Running a parallel government and impose tax and penalties;
    • Run parallel Kangaroo Courts;
    • Destruction of government property and abduct its officials;
    • Attacks on police and law enforcing machinery;
    • Enforce its own social code of conduct


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