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'Kallakkadal' strikes coastal Kerala

Published: 5th Apr, 2024


High sea waves which are also known as swell waves, have flooded numerous houses in the Kerala's coastal areas. This flooding caused by the swell waves is called swell surge or Kallakkadal in Malayalam.

What is Kallakkadal?

  • Kallakkadal is a geographical phenomenon which causes flooding through high waves in the south-west coast of India, predominantly during the pre-monsoon season which is from April to May.
  • The term Kallakadal was officially approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
  • Kallakkadal is caused by swell waves which emerge due to ocean swell which is mostly caused by storms such as hurricanes or gale winds.
  • During these fierce winds, a massive energy transfer takes place from the air into water.
  • This then leads to formation of extremely high waves that can roll up to thousands of kilometres.

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