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Karnataka’s Mudhol hounds

Published: 25th Aug, 2022


Mudhol hounds, a breed of hunting dogs native to north Karnataka, could be inducted into the Special Protection Group (SPG), the elite force protecting the Prime Minister of India.


About Mudhol Hound Dog Breed:

  • Mudhol hounds are Indian sight hound dogs, also known as Caravan, Mahratta, Pashmi hounds and Kathewar Dog. They are mostly available in Karnataka, and some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • Mudhol hounds are well known for their speed and chasing skills. They are the first Indian dogs, introduced in the Indian Army's inventory in 2017.

  • The Mudhol hounds are very energetic and athletic dog that need regular exercise and are not suitable for apartment life.
  • Mudhol Hound are dogs are considered as royal dogs of India, The Government of India had issued a postal ticket in his honor.
  • Mudhol Hound is the first ever Indian dog breed to join the Indian Army.
  • Mudhol hound is breed of sighthound from Indian, which were one of the fastest running dog breed of India.

The Origin and Breed History

  • The Mudhol Hound dog is native from the small town Mudhol, in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka state, from where it got its name Mudhol.
  • It is believed that the former ruler of Mudhol presented two puppies to King George V.
  • There is no reliable information on the origin of the Mudhol Hound dog breed, but most people believe that they are the descendants of the Arabian Saluki, or freshly bred dogs from Central Asia.
  • These dogs were brought to India during the Mughal period, and the Mudhol Hound is a mixture of the native dogs of India and these imported dogs.

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