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Menhir from Megalithic period found in Basrur

Published: 22nd Sep, 2021


A menhir, an upright standing stone, has been found at Basrur in Udupi district.

What are Menhirs?

  • Menhirs are upright stones from the Megalithic period.
  • They are erected above a burial site or near a burial site as a memorial.

Key-highlights of the discovery

  • The discovery takes back the antiquity of Basrur to between 1,000 BC and 800 BC, which is the Megalithic period.
  • The stone has a height of seven feet above the ground level.
  • It was found on the roadside near the Venkataramana temple.


  • Basrur is a medieval trading city in coastal Karnataka.
  • Different names: Basurepattana, Basurepura, Vasupura, Basaruru.
  • The town is studded with many temples, which is an indicator of its splendid wealth.
    • The Devi temple of Basrur has special importance with the feast of Devi performed once every 60 years.
    • Mahalingeshwara temple, Kote Anjaneya temple, Tuluveshwara temple, Ramachandra temple, Umamaheshwara temple, Bhairava temple are the other surviving temples in the town in addition to Sadananda Mutt.

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