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Mission SAGAR IX

  • Category
    International Relations
  • Published
    11th May, 2022


With the overarching aim of providing critical medical aid to Sri Lanka during the ongoing crisis, INS Gharial as part of Mission SAGAR IX reached Colombo.


About Mission SAGAR IX:

  • INS Gharial delivered over 760 kgs of 107 types of critical lifesaving medicines.
  • In line with GoI’s vision of SAGAR – Security And Growth for All in the Region – the Indian Navy undertakes several deployments titled ‘Mission SAGAR’ to assist friendly IOR littorals
  • Since May 2020, Indian Navy has successfully concluded eight such missions, deploying ten ships to 18 Friendly Foreign Countries.
  • With a steadfast intent of delivering a high quantum of humanitarian assistance to our neighbours, personnel from ships and shore organisations of Indian Navy have invested close to a million man-hours to bring succour to our friends, overseas.

What is SAGAR?

  • In 2015, India unveiled its strategic vision for the Indian Ocean i.e. Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR). 
  • It is an increasing recognition of the increasing importance of maritime security, maritime commons and cooperation.
  • The initiative is in line with the principles of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). The mission aims to
    • to seek a climate of trust and transparency
    • respect for international maritime rules and norms by all countries
    • sensitivity to(towards) each other’s interests
    • peaceful resolution of maritime issues 
    • increase in maritime cooperation


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