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Odisha's Kendra Para becomes only district in India to have all three crocodile species

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    6th Sep, 2021


Odisha's Kendra Para district, has earned the distinction of being the only district in India where one can find all three species of crocodiles such as Salt-water, gharial, Mugger


  • Odisha's Kendra Para district has already claimed fame for its successful conservation programme for salt-water or estuarine crocodiles at the Bhitarkanika National Park.
  • The national park, having 1,768 estuarine crocodiles, is home to 70 per cent of India's such crocodiles, the conservation of which was started way back in 1975.
  • It is the second largest mangrove forest in India after Sunder bans, hosts the largest population of saltwater crocodiles, including white albino crocodiles.
  • It is listed as a Ramsar Site.
  • The crocodilian family consists of 27 different species that are subdivided into three families: True crocodiles, alligators and caimans and gharials.
  • All three species of crocodilians in the river systems of Odisha: 
    • Gharial (Gavialisgangeticus), listed as a Critically Endangered by IUCN.
    • Mugger crocodile (Crocodyluspalustris), listed as vulnerable by IUCN.
    • Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylusporosus), listed as least concern by IUCN

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