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Parliament’s new home

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    Polity & Governance
  • Published
    22nd Sep, 2023


The Parliament proceedings has now been shifted to the new Parliament building.


  • The new Parliament building as a reflection of the aspirations of India’s vast population of 135 crores. 
  • Constructed with an estimated expenditure of Rs 970 crore, the newly built four-story structure spans approximately 65,000 square meters and will exhibit an impressive assortment of nearly 5,000 art pieces.

Notable features of the new Parliament building:

  • Optimized Space Utilisation:With a built-up area of approximately 65,000 square meters and a unique triangular design, the building ensures efficient space utilization.
  • Enhanced Capacity:
    • a larger Lok Sabha hall with a capacity of up to 888 seats
    • a Rajya Sabha hall capable of seating up to 384 members
    • For joint sessions of Parliament, the Lok Sabha may accommodate up to 1,272 seats
  • Symbolic Themes:The Lok Sabha hall is designed around the peacock theme, representing India’s national bird, while the Rajya Sabha hall features the lotus theme, symbolizing India’s national flower.
  • Constitutional Hall:A state-of-the-art Constitutional Hall will position Indian citizens at the core of the democratic process, both symbolically and physically.
  • Modern Office Spaces:The building features ultra-modern office spaces equipped with the latest communication technology, ensuring security and efficiency.
  • Advanced Committee Rooms:Large committee rooms are equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, offering an improved library experience.
  • Environmental Sustainability:Designed as a “Platinum-rated Green Building,” the new Sansad Bhavan demonstrates India’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Cultural Integration:The new Parliament building will serve as a representation of Indian heritage, incorporating the vibrance and diversity of modern India, including cultural and regional arts and crafts.
  • Accessibility:It is divyang (specially-abled) friendly, allowing people with disabilities to move around freely within the premises.
  • Central Lounge and Courtyard:A Central Lounge will provide members with a space for interaction, complementing the open courtyard which will feature a banyan tree, India’s national tree.

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