Permanent Resident Certificate

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    7th Mar, 2019


  • Arunachal Pradesh has been recently engulfed into violence after government’s decision to extend the Permanent Residence Certificate eligibility to Deoris, Sonowal, Morans, Adivasis and Mishings.
  • The government clarified that the state government was not bringing the bill on PRC but only tabling a report of the Nabam Rebia-led JHPC, which comprises of members and student organisations


What is permanent resident certificate?

  • Permanent resident certificate is a legal document issued to Indian citizens that serves as evidence of residence and is required to be submitted as residential proof for official purpose.
  • It enables the citizens to avail various policies and claims made in their particular state.

What has the state government proposed?

  • The BJP-led government in the state is considering issuing the certificate to the six non-APSTs communities living in Namsai and Changlang districts and to the Gorkhas living in Vijaynagar. Amongst those communities are Deoris, Sonowal Kacharis, Morans, Adivasis and Mishings. Most of these communities are recognised as Scheduled Tribes in neighbouring Assam.
  • A Joint High Power Committee (JHPC), after holding discussions with the stakeholders, recommended granting PRC to the six communities, who are not natives of Arunachal Pradesh but have been living in Namsai and Changlang districts for decades.

Why are people in Arunachal protesting against PRC?

  • There is resentment among several community-based groups and organisations in Arunachal Pradesh, who feel the rights and interests of indigenous people will be compromised if the proposal is implemented.

Where does the proposal stand now?

  • The recommendation of JHPC was supposed to be tabled in the Assembly. However, in the wake of agitations by various groups, it was not tabled as the Speaker adjourned the House sine die.

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