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Prehistoric relics point to riverine settlement at Attappady

  • Category
    Art and culture
  • Published
    11th Apr, 2022


Several prehistoric artifacts and archaeological remains have been found on the banks of three rivers flowing through the Attappady hills in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


Key-highlights of the findings:

  • Location: Bhavani, Siruvani, and Kodumkara Pallam, or Anakatti rivers.
  • The presence of a mature settlement is indicated by the discovery of several prehistoric artefacts and archaeological remains.
  • Prehistoric humans discovered many stone tools, inhabited caves, menhirs, cisterns or burial chambers, stone circles, burial urns, black and red pottery, terracotta images, stone carvings, and granite inscriptions in the tribal area of Attappadi.
  • Surprisingly, one of Kottathara’s tribal settlements is known as Nattakkallu Ooru (meaning “menhir village”), despite the fact that all but one 11-foot menhir have been destroyed.
  • On both sides of the Kodumkara Pallam, which separates Kerala and Tamil Nadu, researchers discovered cist burial sites and shards of black and red pottery.
  • Recently, a private land near Anaikatti yielded black and red polished earthenware with various patterns.


  • The name Anaikatti, which means a 'group of elephants'.
  • Nestled in the foothills of the Nilgiris, the hills are located just 30km from Coimbatore.
  • Anaikatti has another claim to fame - it's home to the River Siruvani, India's sweetest river.

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