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Rupa Tarakasi

Published: 14th Mar, 2024

Rupa Tarakasi


Rupa Tarakasi, the silver filigree work of Cuttack in Odisha. This handicraft has recently received the geographical indication (GI) tag. 


  • Tarakasi is one of Odisha's most stunning handicrafts. The word "tara" in Odia means wire, while "kasi" means design.
  • This handicraft involves cutting silver bricks into thin wires or foils to create jewellery and showpieces.
  • Tarakasi ornaments are perfect for any occasion, but the wide range of artefacts available, including floral and animal shapes, boxes and containers, tiny boats, and figurines, can also be used for interior decoration or as gifts.
  • The delicate silver wires are beaten and shaped into various objects, from jewellery and ornaments to intricate items such as peacocks, boxes, and even the Sun deity riding his chariot pulled by seven horses.
  • Tarakasi craftsmen have even decorated idols of the goddess Durga with their exquisite workmanship.

Other products to join the GI league:

Ambaji White Marble

  • It is a type of Indian marble that has a pure white color with light gray veins running through it. This marble is quarried in the marble mines located in Gujarat, India.
  • Ambaji Superior White Marble is formed when limestone undergoes a process of recrystallization under the earth's crust due to intense pressure and heat.

Banglar muslin

  • Banglar muslin is a traditional handloom craft from Bengal that is very popular.
  • It is made from cotton, and the threads used to weave it maintain high tensile strength at counts above 300 counts and up to 600 counts. This makes it stronger than any other cotton product available.

Hyderabad Lac Bangles

  • Lac bangles are a traditional form of jewellery made from natural resin and adorned with colorful stones and beads.

Lace crochet of Narsapur

  • The origin of the lace industry is connected with the history of the missionaries in the Godavari delta.
  • The town's crochet craft is famous worldwide for its intricate craftsmanship, unique designs, and good quality.

Ratlam Riyawan Lahsun (Garlic)

  • It is a variety of garlic named after Riyawan village in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh.

Tripura Risa Textile

  • The traditional attire worn by Tripuri females consists of three parts - risa, rignai, and rikutu. Risa is a handwoven cloth that can be used as an upper garment, headgear, stole, or as a sign of respect. When worn as an upper garment, it is wrapped twice around the torso.

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