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Snake Island

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    6th Jul, 2022


Ukraine has said it has caused “significant losses” to the Russian military in airstrikes on Zmiinyi Island, also known as Snake Island, in the Black Sea.


About Zmiinyi Island

  • Zmiinyi Island is also known as Snake or Serpent Island.
  • It is a small piece of rock less than 700 metres from end to end, that has been described as being “X-shaped”.
  • It is located 35 km from the coast in the Black Sea, to the east of the mouth of the Danube and roughly southwest of the port city of Odessa.

Black Sea:

  • The Black Sea is one of the marginal seas of the Atlantic and the ocean’s 13th largest sea.
  • It is bordered by 
    • Ukraine to the north
    • Russia to the northeast
    • Georgia to the east
    • Turkey to the south
    • Bulgaria and Romania to the west
  • The island, which has been known since ancient times and is marked on the map by the tiny village of Bile that is located on it, belongs to Ukraine. 
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