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US Senate’s $95 billion bill to aid Ukraine

Published: 15th Feb, 2024

US Senate’s $95 billion bill to aid Ukraine


The United States Senate has passed a $95bn bill with aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

What is the Bill?

  • Among other priorities, the foreign aid package contains billions of dollars for
    • security aid for Israel
    • humanitarian help for civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and Ukraine
    • support for Kyiv
  • The bill would open the way for desperately needed funding for Ukraine as it fights Russia’s invasion.
    • The legislation's funds would be used to buy weapons and air defense systems manufactured in the United States, which are deemed critically necessary by the authorities as Russia continues to attack Ukraine.
    • Along with other aid, it contains $8 billion for the Ukrainian government.
  • The bill would also allocate $9.2 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, $8 billion for Taiwan and allies in the Indo-Pacific to oppose China, and $14 billion for Israel to fight Hamas.

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