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World Hindu Economic Forum

Published: 5th Oct, 2019

The 7th annual World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) began in Mumbai.


The 7th annual World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) began in Mumbai.


  • WHEF is a non-profit organization headquartered in Delhi, India.
  • It was founded by Swami Vigyananand in 2010.
  • It is as an independent international organization committed to make Hindu society prosperous through creation and sharing of surplus wealth.
  • The forum brings together eminent Hindu intellectuals and businesses for the purposes of collaboration.
  • The organization holds an annual international conference and several regional conferences in different parts of the world.
  • World Hindu Economic Forum has earlier been organised in London, Chicago, Losa Angeles, Hong Kong, and Nairobi. 
  • 2019 World Hindu Economic Forum held from 27-29 September in Mumbai.
  • Dharmasya Moolam  Arthah (Economy is the strength) is the philosophy of WHEF. (Kautilian Arthashastra)

Why were these organisations created?

  • Hindus contributed 35-49% of the World economy from 1st century to 15 century CE. The Hindu knows how to create wealth and also freely shares this knowledge. During the period of foreign rule, Hindu civilization substantially lost means of production, trade and commerce which led to the destruction of its economic prowess. The Hindu needs to regain this lost status. WHEF wants Hindus to cooperate and collaborate globally so that market access and appropriately priced capital is facilitated among them, and technologically savvy Hindus are matched with those who can convert technical innovation into business.

What are the main activities of WHEF/HEF?

  • Provide a platform to promote business and facilitate networking
  • Knowledge/Information sharing related to Business and Economy
  • Providing expert connectivity
  • Access to data base of PEs (Private Equity), VCs (Venture Capital), Investors etc.
  • Organising economic conferences across the world
  • Local chapter activities for regular interactions

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