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6th December 2023 (10 Topics)

Shared blame


As after the disruptive climatic disaster, Cyclone Michaung, the preparedness is must to get noticed and alone its intensity was not responsible for Chennai’s troubles.

Chennai's Cyclone Calamity

  • Nature and Blame:Cyclone Michaung struck Chennai, causing heavy rain and exposing vulnerabilities.Attributing blame solely to nature oversimplifies, overlooking human factors in infrastructure and preparedness.
  • Fragile Power Infrastructure:Inadequate investment over years reflected in fallen trees, waterlogged roads, and choked storm water drains. Immediate consequences included canceled trains, closed airports, and stranded citizens, emphasizing the need for robust systems.
  • Urgency in Development:Climate change's role in Cyclone Michaung's intensity necessitates urgent, comprehensive infrastructure development.Unplanned construction, zoning violations, and public indiscipline hindered effective storm response.

Climate Realities

  • Climate Change Nexus:While attribution science determines climate change impact, a link between warmer seas and stronger cyclones is evident.Urgency in addressing climate realities and civic responsibilities is crucial for resilient, responsive cities.
  • Infrastructure Challenges:Public indiscipline, notably littering, contributes to infrastructure challenges, demanding immediate attention and rectification.
  • Faster Progress Needed: Civic responsibility, faster development, and climate-conscious planning are essential for Chennai's future resilience against natural calamities.

Post-Cyclone Initiatives:

  • Social Inequities and Disaster Response:Lessons from 2015 underscore the necessity to rectify long-standing social issues for comprehensive disaster preparedness.Fair treatment of sanitation workers is posited as a crucial societal change for Chennai's resilience and responsiveness.
  • Learning from Oversights:Chennai must rectify past mistakes, ensuring equitable treatment and support for all, especially those on the front lines.
  • Toward Proactive Disaster Response:Beyond reactive measures, Chennai must prioritize proactive initiatives, beginning with fair treatment for sanitation workers.A shift towards social inclusivity and equitable treatment is imperative for Chennai to build a resilient and responsive future.
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