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13th February 2023 (6 Topics)

Short News Article

International Relations

US India Business Council (USIBC)

USIBC working to support plans to promote a free open and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.


  • Founded in: 1975
  • The U.S.-India Business Council aims to create an inclusive bilateral trade environment between India and the United States 

The Indo-Pacific Region

  • The Indo-Pacific is a biogeographic region, comprising the Indian Ocean and the western and central Pacific Ocean, including the South China Sea.
  • The US, India and several other world powers have been talking about the need to ensure a free, open and thriving Indo-Pacific in the backdrop of China’s rising military manoeuvring in the resource-rich region.

Polity & Governance

BCI has power to hold All-India Bar Exam: SC


The Bar Council of India (BCI) has powers to hold the All-India Bar Examination (AIBE) that a lawyer is required to qualify to practice law in courts, the Supreme Court ruled recently.


  • Founded: 1961
  • The Bar Council of India is a statutory body created by Parliament to regulate and represent the Indian bar. 
  • BCI regulates legal education and professional standards in India including directing the state bar councils, standardizin law education, and course the framework at the universities and law colleges in India as well as conducting the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) to grant 'Certificate of Practice' to advocates practicing law in India.

Polity & Governance

Swayam tops other eLearning platforms

With 2.4 crore enrolling for courses which yield credits and with over 26 lakh having earned them, the government-run SwayamMassive Open Online Courses (MOOC) has outperformed any other eLearning platform by a big margin.

What is SWAYAM?

  • Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM) is an Indian Massive open online course platform.
  • SWAYAM is a programme initiated by Government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality.
  • SWAYAM seeks to bridge the digital divide for students who have hitherto remained untouched by the digital revolution and have not been able to join the mainstream of the knowledge economy.


Humans can contract Bird Flu: WHO

WHO has said that since Bird Flu (H5N1) first emerged in 1996, only rare transmission was seen in humans, however, the recent spill-over to mammals must be monitored closely.

  • It added that the risk to humans is currently low but it cannot be assumed it will remain the case.


  • Bird flu, also called avian flu, is a strain of influenza (flu) that infects mostly wild water birds but can infect domestic birds (poultry) and other animals.
  • These strains belong to influenza A type viruses.
  • It’s not usual, but bird flu can also infect people.
  • The most common subtypes that may affect humans are A(H5N1), A(H7N9) and A(H9N2).
  • The symptoms can range from mild (pink eye) to severe flu-like illness that results in respiratory failure or death.

Science & Technology

Aero India 2023

The 14th edition of Aero India is being held at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru.


  • Being one of the premier aerospace exhibition, Aero India has held 13 successful editions in Bengaluru since 1996.
  • This five-day event would combine a major trade exhibition of the aerospace and defence industries as well as an aerial display by IAF.
  • Theme: The theme of Aero India 2023 is "The Runway to a Billion Opportunities".


  • The event would promote the export of indigenous air platforms like Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)-Tejas, HTT-40, Dornier Light Utility Helicopter (LUH), Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH).

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