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9th May 2022 (6 Topics)

Small buttonquail


There are only two sightings of small buttonquail for the whole of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. 


About Small Buttonquail:

  • Turnix sylvaticus(Small Buttonquail) is a species of birds in the family buttonquails.
  • They are native to the Palearctic, Asia, and Ethiopia.
  • They are diurnal omnivores
  • The small buttonquail is polyandrous, which means the male single-handedly shoulders child-rearing responsibilities.

  • Habitat
    • Small buttonquail are found on dry sandy soil, in open bush, low scrub, in short grass, and fallow cultivated lands (Jackson, 1926).
    • They are found where there is ground cover in which to hide. Suitable ground cover includes dwarf palmetto vegetation, cotton, millet or cassave crops, savanna bush, or stubble fields.
    • Bamboo jungle is favored and dense evergreen forests, deserts and wetlands are avoided.
  • Behaviour
  • Turnix sylvaticus is considered to be a sedentary species. Subspecies may be locally migratory or nomadic in northwestern India.
  • These buttonquail enjoy basking in the sun and dust-bathing.

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