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The need to make cancer drugs affordable

  • Published
    22nd Dec, 2022


The Rajya Sabha’s standing committee on health has dwelled into a report, “Cancer Care Plan and Management” highlighting the spiralling costs of cancer medicines and their implications.

Impact on survival rates

  • Survival Rates in Breast cancer: The five-year survival rate in India and South Africa are about 65% and 45%, respectively, in contrast, in high-income countries, it is nearly 90%.
  • Affordability: Standard treatment for early-stage breast cancer would be equivalent to about 10 years of average annual wages in India and South Africa and 1.7 years in the United States.
  • Drug Cost: Monthly cost of drugs belonging to the therapeutic class of CDK (cyclin-dependent kinase) which slows the spread of cancer cells in the body costs around ?48,000 and ?95,000.
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