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1st June 2023 (8 Topics)

Uttar Pradesh: New Sports Policy 2023


Through the New Sports Policy, the Uttar Pradesh government hopes to inspire aspiring athletes to pursue their aspirations while promoting and fostering a sports culture in the state.


What is the New Sports Policy 2023?

  • The policy will give a variety of factors, including a player's physical fitness and training, extra attention.
  • Additionally, a number of provisions have been implemented to encourage the creation of new institutions and link sports to educational institutions like private academies and colleges.
  • It also specifies the establishment of a separate state sports authority.

Financial assistance to sports associations and academies

  • The new strategy provides financial assistance to numerous sports associations and academies. It will aid academies and sporting organisation with minimal resources.
  • With the government's financial backing, these associations and academies will be able to improve their infrastructure and training facilities, allowing them to produce more top athletes.
  • The Uttar Pradesh government will also work with PPP (Public Private Partnership) to construct sports infrastructure facilities.
  • The state will establish 14 centres of excellence, each centred on a certain sport.
  • These are proposed to be established on a PPP basis.
  • The new sports policy also provides coach information and a map of numerous athletic facilities.

Eklavya Sports Fund

  • The government will also provide treatment to players provide funds from the Eklavya Sports Fund: Each registered player will receive a health insurance cover of up to Rs 5 lakh from the state government.

Players will receive training in three categories

  • First category will include grassroots (ground level) players who need coaching at the initial level.
  • Second category will focus on the development of players, with talented players being identified and given necessary training as part of an action plan to help them become future players.
  • Third category is of elite-class players established players who represent the state in various sports. Such players will be motivated to perform better at national and international levels.

Role of Khelo India University Games 

  • It also decided to frame a policy for the construction, operation, and management of stadiums, and open gyms in rural areas so that necessary facilities could be provided to promising players in the hinterland and help them win laurels for the state and country.

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