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4th November 2022 (5 Topics)

Vanuatu’s big plea does little to arrest climate change


The call made by the Pacific Island of Vanuatu for a first-of-its-kind global treaty to phase out the use of fossil fuels at the UN general assembly may not yield up to expectations.

Fate OF COP27:

  • Cloud over meeting emission targets: There is a possibility that COP27 may not discuss climate change mitigation on account of the ongoing energy crisis in Europe.
  • Impact of the Russia-Ukraine crisis: The ongoing conflict has resulted in a global energy supply shortage, and has dented everyone’s ability to reduce emissions.

Call on emissions:

  • Vanuatu’s pledge: Despite having a minuscule contribution to the global energy supplies and emissions, it hasn’t gone unnoticed and has grabbed empathy at the UN.
  • Phasing out coal usage: Vanuatu’s call is aiming at the ground for making fossil fuel elimination a part of national climate plans at COP27.
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