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Good Practices: Environment Conservation

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Published: 26th Mar, 2022

Good Practices: Environment Conservation

The increasing pace of environmental degradation and wildlife threats have caused national and international governments to take proactive and cooperative measures. With the dynamism of the issues and frequent steps taken by governments, Environment and Ecology has become one of the most trending subjects of UPSC, with the point of view of the number of questions (~15-20) being asked every year. These questions are based on different International Conventions, Conferences, Measures and Initiatives taken to save the environment and Biodiversity. Considering the increasing importance of the subject in UPSC CSE, aspirants emphasise significantly on this subject. 

Well, there is no dearth of material available in the market on topics related to the environment and related topics. But GS SCORE 'Good Practices - Environment Conservation', is unique, in terms of the coverage of topics from different dimensions. Every initiative covered in this document is discussed with multiple aspects including the need of the initiative, general information, significance, achievements and suggestions for improvement etc. This will be helpful for aspirants to cover the topics comprehensively and to score well in the examination.

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