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Good Practices: ‘Initiatives for Financial Inclusion’

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Published: 30th Nov, 2022

Good Practices: ‘Initiatives for Financial Inclusion’

Government has always been keen to bring people into the mainstream through financial inclusion. For this purpose, the Indian government has taken several steps and initiatives. These initiatives are important for the point of view of UPSC examination as every year several questions are being asked by UPSC in prelims as well as in Main Examination.
For this purpose, ‘Good Practices’ on ‘Schemes on Financial Inclusion’ released by ‘GS SCORE’ compiles important schemes and initiatives started by the Indian government for giving skill training, financial support, financial literacy etc. The document covers all the initiatives comprehensively by giving additional information that could prove helpful for the aspirants. The compilation will help aspirants to prepare for prelims as well as mains examination.


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