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Good Practices : Initiatives for Micro, Small & Medium Industries

  • Published
    7th May, 2022

MSMEs are amongst the strongest drivers of economic development, innovation, and employment as a significant number of the population  (11.10 crore)  is dependent on this sector for employment.  This sector also contributes more than 30% of India's GDP.  Constant efforts are being made towards the upliftment of MSMEs under “Self Reliant India” through various schemes. 

The GS SCORE's 'Good Practices - Initiatives for Micro, Small & Medium Industries, presents a comprehensive compilation of some of the government initiatives in this sector. It contains updated and comprehensive information which includes key features, its need, significance, challenges, current status, achievements, etc. This will be helpful for aspirants in UPSC Prelims and Main Examination. The data and information can be used to write Mains Answers to give an edge over others.

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