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Good Practices: Judicial Reforms

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Published: 12th Mar, 2022

Good Practices: Judicial Reforms

Judicial reform is the complete or partial political reform of a country's judiciary. A high number of civil as well as criminal cases are pending in courts across the country, because of several factors like low per capita number of judges, lack of basic infrastructure for judges, complex appeal mechanism, etc. had caused delayed delivery of justice, especially in sexual assault cases leads to frequent large scale protests, by various groups demanding stricter punishment and speedier trial in such cases. Fair and timely justice is the right of every individual, so to ensure this Indian government had introduced several initiatives in the Indian Judiciary. 

The present compilation on 'Good Practice - Judicial Reforms' covers initiatives taken by the Indian government to make justice available and accessible to all. The compilation discusses the initiatives from every possible dimension to give it a holistic approach. Extra information is also given to enhance the value of the compilation for the purpose of examination.

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