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Good Practices: Springshed Management in the Indian Himalayan Region

  • Published
    16th Apr, 2022

In the past decade or so, spring revival efforts using the principles of hydrogeology have become the most widely accepted model of springshed management (SM) by several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental agencies in the Himalayas. NITI Aayog has summarized a stock-take of the initiatives and existing learnings to document the best practices for a spring revival.

This GS SCORE ‘Good Practices- Springshed Management in the Indian Himalayan Region’ document summarises best practices in springshed management in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR). It highlights the major initiatives, their need, method of management, implementation, key recommendations, and additional information related to the initiatives. This will help aspirants in attempting prelims questions and these practices, their implementation, methods, techniques, etc. can also be quoted in the mains answers in UPSC Civil Services Examination.  

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